Saturday, June 4, 2011

"Got Gym?"

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Let me admonish you...never say never! I recently joined a gym! If you had asked me if I would join a gym a month ago...I would have said, "Never!" for years I have worked out at home and I have totally enjoyed the peace and quiet of my home gym and free weights!!! Guess what? I have joined a gym and I love it!!!

I encourage you to try the gym. I love my gym because it is family oriented and I am not intimidated by people who look like they have spent their lives body building, like Sly Stallone or Jillian Michaels. The people in my gym look like me and you!!! I encourage you to give your neighborhood gym a try. What do you have to lose..."Pesky Pounds Perhaps!!!"

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Sunday, May 8, 2011

"Take No Prisoners!"

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Here's my approach to reaching Thinutopia and I admonish you to adopt the same attitude...Take No Prisoners! Come on, work with me people! I have hinted you that this is not a dress rehearsal! Now I am definitely speaking up and speaking out...This Is Not A Dress Rehearsal! This Is Your Life and You Need to Do Something to Change Your Life For the Better! You must do what you have to do to change your weight and your life...Take No Prisoners!
It is time to lose the excess weight! It is time to do whatever you have to do to lose the weight! You must take charge of your life or you will not get to where you need to go namely...Thinutopia!
I Encourage You to Take No Prisoners and Get to Thinutopia Today!!!
May God Bless You Keep On Your Way to Thinutopia!
Time is of The Essence!
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"Happy Mother's Day!!!" :-) !

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Monday, April 25, 2011

"Don't Let Anyone Steal Your Joy!"

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Your Joy Is...Your Joy! It is only meant for "YOU!" God wants you to be happy! He wants us to experience Joy...Pure Joy! He wants you to savor the gift of life! God is a mighty good God! I am as certain as the day is long that God does not want you to squander your precious gift worrying about people who try to steal your joy! Life is too short to spend your valuable time worrying about people who hurt you! You have bigger and better things to do like losing those pesky pounds and improving our health!
Therefore I admonish you..."Don't Let Anyone Steal Your Joy!" You deserve all the joy that you can get!!!!

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Monday, April 18, 2011

"The Gift of Life!"

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I admonish you to treasure your gift of life! It can be taken away from you in seconds! Many years ago my husband and I were traveling in the mountains near Lake Tahoe, Nevada. We were having a very pleasant "road" trip as we enjoyed one of the most beautiful days of our lives. Then suddenly... out of no where we saw a car speeding in the opposite lane down this very narrow mountainous path. We both watched as the driver lost control of his vehicle, scaled the mountain, and then flipped over as the mountains echoed the sounds of the potentially deadly crash!!! Time stopped!
I am a Registered Nurse so I told my husband that Good Samaritan Laws would protect me! We agreed to stop our car and assist the driver. Great minds think alike because when we looked frantically for the driver, we realized that many Good Samaritans had the same idea! We asked nervously, "Where is the driver?" We waited for the bad news.... Then someone said, "Oh, he's sitting up over there and they are removing little glass fragments from his hair. He's talking and he's alert and the ambulance is on it's way!" We thanked God for the miracle and the gift of life that our "new blessed friend" could continue to enjoy!
I admonish you to realize that but for the grace of God, this story would not have had a "Happy Ending!" But for His grace this man's life would have ended! Do not take your life for granted! Treasure your gift! Do what you need to do to improve the quality of your life, including losing those "pesky pounds" and make your life, your gift, the best life ever!
Life is your gift, praise God for it and do whatever it takes to make it better!!!

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

"Love The One You're With!"

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I admonish you to love the one you're with! Tag, you're it!!! You are truly the only "you" that "you" have! You have to love yourself with your heart, body, mind and soul to win this proverbial weight loss battle. Work with me people! I know you want to live in Thinutopia...a place where everyone feels good about themselves and their weight! But you have to love the one you're with to get to Thinutopia!
Be kind to yourself and show compassion when you fall off the wagon! Trust me I have been there and I have done that!!! Therefore do not get angry with yourself and realize that world is not going to stop because you fell off the wagon! Time keep pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and give yourself a big hug and a kiss...then move on and fight that weight loss battle like you have never fought before!!! Fight for the person that you love...take no prisoners!
Love The One You're With Because You Are All That You Have...Other Than Our Father In Heaven!
Be Truly Blessed!
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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

"Time Waits for No One!!!"

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Do you know that time waits for no one? Each and every second of your life ticks away and there is absolutely no way to get it back! Time waits for no one! You can beg, borrow, and steal...but to no avail...Time waits for no one. Because time waits for no one, I admonish you to treat time like it is truly an extraordinary rare commodity! We all know it truly is an extraordinary rare commodity! Act like it is so!!! This is a divine appointment! It is time to create your doable weight loss program and stick to that program! Life is too short and time is of the essence!
Get that weight loss program in motion because "Time really does not wait for anyone especially you and me!!!!
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"Please Pray for the People of Japan!!!"

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

"Get There!"

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I admonish you to get up and exercise! Walk, run, skate, swim, move that body! Get a destination where you don't mind working out everyday for at least 30 minutes. Yes, I still believe that weight loss is primarily a mental game...but there still is a physical component to weight loss that cannot be ignored! Work with me people! Get up off of your derriere and move your body. In order to burn have got to burn energy!
My newest friend is my will to walk 3 miles everyday. I really wish I had a friend who wasn't such a stickler, but she gets me where I need to go, literally! I truly "get there" with my my new friend and I really feel this wonderful sense of accomplishment when I am done! I am not suggesting that you should walk 3 miles, but I am suggesting that you talk to your doctor and work out a feasible way to burn off those unwanted calories! Trust me you will be glad that you did!!! Get there today!
Be Truly Blessed In Your Endeavors!!!
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Monday, February 28, 2011

"Walk It Off!!!"

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Good Morning Friends! Here's a free Thinutopian Tip that you already know and u don't need a how-to manual! You have what you need to succeed in this endeavor and all you have to do is to walk it off! Yes, my friends walking is an answer to the age old question...what can I do burn calories! What you can do is walk it off! Come on, work with me people! Can it get any easier? Now it is time for you to get up off of your derriere and go for a nice brisk walk!
I recently started walking each evening and now I am enjoying my 35-45 minute walk so very much that I look forward to my walk every day! It really get the blood flowing and I actually feel more energized when I finish my walk!!! Let's not forget the beautiful weather! Just think you get to pray while you are walking, you get to burn calories and you get to bask in the sunshine. You get a three-for ! How many three-fors do you get in this life? Not many!
So go for it! Walk it off! Get Your Three-For! Carpe Diem! Walk it Off and Seize the Day!!!
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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

"Great Expectations!"

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Do you have "great expectations" for your weight loss? Do you have a great desire to be successful? Do you really want to get rid of those "pesky pounds?" Are you determined to win your weight loss battle? Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Well this is truly a divine appointment!
Let's take your weight loss to a new level! Let's get into your head and help you to wrap your mind around the reality of the situation! Your weight is not going away until you make it go away!!! Can you hear me now? Your weight is not going away until you make it go away!!!! We all have to hit that proverbial wall to realize that we have a problem! We have an addiction! We have a food addiction and we need help! Do something about your addiction!!!
Here's advice that I had to give to myself...get on the scale! Record the ugly numbers! Look in the mirror! Do not say anything that will hurt your feelings (you are the only you that you have) but see what is over the top and do something about it! Do not buy any bigger clothes! When will that stop! Lose the weight and wear your smaller clothes!!! Stop allowing your addiction to balloon your weight and make you miserable!!!
Did we mention exercise? Take every opportunity to exercise! Get up and move that body! Dust off your favorite exercise equipment and use it! Run or walk if either or both is your thing! Just get up and move your body...your life may depend on it!
Yes, we all have "great expectations" but the only way to make those "great expectations" become a reality is to get up and do something about our "addiction." Our food addiction recovery begins today!!! God bless you on you Thinutopian Journey!
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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

"Lots of Prayer...Lots of Power!!!"

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I admonish you to never underestimate the power of prayer on your journey to Thinutopia! Do you find yourself at an impasse? Do you feel that your weight loss battle is over and the wrong side won? Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Are you on your very last leg and you can't "stand" it any longer?
Well this is your opportunity to do the most important thing you can do to lose those "pesky pounds!" Here is the ultimate, awesome, fantabulous answer that you have been waiting for...wait for it...wait for it...The answer is prayer! "Lots of prayer=lots of power!" There is power in prayer!
Pray to God in heaven to help you with your weight loss quest! Pray that God will give you what you need to get to where you have to go! Trust and believe in Him and He will never leave you or forsake you! He is a mighty good God! And He always answers prayers! He wants you to be happier and healthier. He wants His accolades! It is all about Him any way so let's acknowledge Him by praying to Him. Then stand back because when God shows up ...He shows out!!!
He is a mighty good God.
So pray my friend, pray like your life and health depended on it...because it does! Lots of prayer equals lots of power...Trust me!!!
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Sunday, February 13, 2011

"Guard Your Heart!"

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On your journey to Thinutopia, guard your heart! Always remember to shield your heart against words that hurt you! It does not take a great deal to make a person sad and depressed and then that person starts reaching for "comfort" foods that really do not comfort anyone! Guard your heart! Protect your heart from the harmful words!
Are you wondering how to do this? Here are a few suggestions! Ignore the harmful words! Just because someone is trying to make you feel don't have to feel bad!!! Guess what? Only you can make you feel bad! Here's another suggestion, talk to the person who is causing your grief. Let me admonish you to talk to them as nicely as possible, do not be confrontational and let them know that their words hurt your feelings. If they do not should not care either. "Forgive them and let it go! Take the proverbial "High Road!" You can do this...I have total faith in you!
So guard your beautiful, awesome, extraordinary, sensitive and precious heart! May God bless you and keep you and your heart :-) !!!

"Pay It Forward!"

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

"I Believe In Miracles!"

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I truly believe in miracles and I truly believe that God has many miracles in store for you and me! I believe in weight loss miracles. I believe that when you pray, trust and believe, and then truly talk to God about your weight loss plan, I believe that "Daddy" listens and He gives you what you need to get to where you need to go. Trust me!
I believe that there is a weight loss plan out there with your name on it! I believe that Daddy knows where the plan is and how it can be incorporated into your life! "Talk to Daddy!" He Has all of the answers and if the question is important to us...It's important to Him! And when He shows up...He shows out!
So believe in miracles...I do and more importantly, Daddy does! As you know some of His best works come in the forms of miracles. Talk to Him about your weight loss (miracle) plan and watch the magic begin! God bless you and may He give you all the miracles you deserve!!!
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Monday, February 7, 2011

"Love Yourself!"

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On your weight loss journey to Thinutopia, I admonish you to "to love yourself!" Please let me remind you that "you" are the only "you" that you have! Love yourself today! Go over to your favorite mirror and give yourself a big loving hug! When was the last time that you did that? Doesn't that hug from you feel really awesome? You deserve it and so much more! A Thinutopian order... "several hugs to self prn throughout the day!" This will help to cure some of those self-created illnesses! This will also help you to motivate yourself in a kind, gentle, loving way! You know what you need!
Stop looking for others to motivate you to lose the weight! You are your Number 1 Cheerleader! Work with me people! Love yourself! Be your #1 Cheerleader each and every day of your life! Get to where you need to go on your own steam! You are the only one who can create your weight loss program, follow your weight loss program, stick to your weight loss program and lose those "pesky pounds!" Do this today! Time is of the Essence!
Love yourself enough to let the "pesky pounds" go!
May God Bless You In All of Your Weight Loss Endeavors!!!
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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"Listen 2 Your Body!"

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Listen to your body! Listen to your heart sounds! Hear what your body is saying! Realize that when your body talks to have to respond! It is truly up to you to make the changes that would improve your health and the quality of your life! It is up to you to do all that is necessary to make the changes that you need to make. Only you can lose the weight! Only you can stop eating those decadent foods! Only you can exercise for you!
What's blocking your ears from hearing your body talking to you? What is blocking your ears and heart from hearing your body cry out for help! It is time to listen to your body and listen to your heart! I appeal to you to listen and learn! You really want the best for you...So start giving yourself the best of you! Listen to your body and do whatever is necessary to improve your body, health and life!!!
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Saturday, January 29, 2011

"Time Is of the Essence!!!"

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Today is the perfect day to realize that "Time Is of the Essence!" and that tomorrow is not promised! I admonish you to acknowledge that this not the voice of gloom and doom. Absolutely not! I am the eternal optimist! I am the person who knows that every cloud has a silver lining." I am the person who never gives up! I am the person who will consistently say, "Yes, we can!" when others are saying "No, we can't!"
However, I am a realist and I realize that we can not continue to put off improving our health status! Time is of the essence and we really need to get to work today! It has to happen today because if you keep procrastinating, days go by, weeks go by, months go by, and years go by!
Time is so valuable and once it is gone we can't get it back! Make up your mind today to improve your health. Let's not forget the additional benefits of looking and feeling great and wearing those awesome outfits. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones. As you know when you are happier your loved ones are also happier.
This is a divine appointment! Create a weight loss program today and use it each and every day. You Will Not Regret It!!!
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Monday, January 24, 2011

"Just Get There!!!"

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I do not care how you get to Thinutopia! Just get there! If you have to change your total "m.o." just get there! You are destined to feel better about yourself, be happier and healthier! You are destined to wear those awesome new clothes that you always wanted to wear and you are destined to be the thinner person that you have been waiting to be. "Get There!"
You deserve to look good and to feel good about yourself! If have to run to Thinutopia then run! You can truly get to where you are going from here!
Start today, work out a plan! Travel the road with caution because blockades will be presented! Walk through the blockades! Just Get There!!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"Smell The Roses!!!"

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I admonish you to take the time to smell the roses! Life is much to short to deny yourself the joy of smelling big, beautiful, glorious, fragrant, you pick the color!, roses!!! It truly does not matter if you did not reach your weight loss goal today!!! Smell the roses! It does not matter that you gained a pound today! Smell the roses!!! It does not matter that you are feeling sad and depressed because you ate that decadent piece of pound cake at Starbucks! Smell the roses!!! Life is too precious to spend time being sad and blue when you could be basking in the glory and surrounded by roses!!!
Yes, I still want you to journey with me to Thinutopia!!! I want you to follow your weight loss program. But do not beat up on yourself when you fall off the wagon! Repeat after me, "Everyone falls off the wagon!!! I want you to enjoy yourself on the way to Thinutopia! I want you to smell the roses and enjoy your life. I want you to feel pure joy before, during and after you reach Thinutopia! Life is too short and we need the joy of roses to make our lives better!!!
Smell the Roses. Make your journey to Thinutopia fun! Life is too short! Time is of the essence...Savor and enjoy the Roses of Life!!!
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Monday, January 17, 2011

"I Have A Dream!!!"

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Today is a wonderful day to celebrate the life of great person, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., a man who dared to do many wonderful, awesome, and glorious things...a man who dared to dream!
I, too have a dream. I have a dream that everyone will be healthier and happier! I have a dream that everyone who is carrying extra unhealthy weight, will lose those extra pounds and will improve their health status! I have a dream that people will lose the extra pounds and have the opportunity to be the people that they want to be, wear the clothes they want to wear, and look the way they want to look!
I have a dream that people who were diagnosed with heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, cancer, and sleep apnea will no longer be plagued by these awful diseases that are directly related to unhealthy weight gain! I have a dream that everyone will live longer, happier and prosperous lives!
Please help my dream to become a reality! Follow me to Thinutopia!
May God bless you on the road to Thinutopia!
Be Truly Blessed!
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Friday, January 14, 2011

"May The Force Be With You!"

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The only "Force" that I know and understand is the "Force Of God!" May the Force of God be with as you journey to Thinutopia! I pray that you utilize this Great Awesome Force as you endeavor to lose the weight that you need to lose.
Let's face it! Our lives are about God and His glorification. When we are successful in our weight loss we glorify God. When we are happy about our weight loss He is happy about our weight loss! If weight loss is important to us it is so important to God!
Pray...pray without ceasing! Pray that God will be with you during this weight loss trek! Pray that God will continue to bless you and keep and pray that He will help you to reach your weight loss goals! God can give you everything you need to lose the weight!
May The Force Be With You!!!
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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

"Pay It Forward!"

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Always remember to pay it forward! It is truly a blessing to be able to do something really nice for someone else! Share weight loss information with a friend! Recommend this blog...Please! During your journey to Thinutopia, pay it something nice for a friend with weight loss issues! We all have friends who are in the same weight loss boat that we are in and we are all drowning. Guess what?....if we all helped each other, we wouldn't be drowning! Throw your friend a life raft!!! Put a life jacket on yourself and your friend! That friend may be the one who will assist when you are drowning and you think you can't make it on the journey to Thinutopia!
You will love having a friend to share your weight loss adventures with. One hand does wash the other and your friend will share valauable tips with you! This is a win-win situation!!!
So "Pay It Forward,My Friend!" Share the weight loss adventure with a friend! It is a "win-win" situation!!!
Be Very Blessed In Your Weight Loss Endeavors!
All Comments Are Welcomed!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

"Follow The Yellow Brick Road to Thinutopia!!!"

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It is time to follow the Yellow Brick Road to Thinutopia! Yes it is time to ease on down the road to a place where everyone feels good about themselves and their weight! Whatever it takes to travel this road....You have to do it! You don't have a choice! You have already made all of the excuses that you could possibly make! Now that you are out of excuses...What are you going to do! Seriously, what are you going to do!
Come on work with me people! Stop making excuses! Stop telling yourslf that you can't follow the Yellow Brick Road to Thinutopia! Who is holding you back? You are holding you back! Get over it and get on with it! Follow the Yellow Brick Road to Thinutopia and I know you will be glad that you did!!!
May God bless you on your journey!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

"Adjust Your Attitude Today!!!"

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I admonish you to change your weight loss attitude! So you think you can't lose those "pesky pounds?" Guess what you can't lose those unwanted pounds! So you anticipate that diet is a waste of time? Guess what your diet is a waste of time! Do you think Thinutopia, a place where a person can feel good about themselves and their weight, does not exist? I beg to differ! Of course Thinutopia exists! It is my duty to help you get there!!!
Let's start with the attitude adjustment! Pray to God and then tell yourself, "I will lose the weight I need to lose and I will look the way that I want to look! Speak positive affirmations to yourself all day! Say, "I am thinner!," "I a fabulous!" and "I look marvelous!" Talk to yourself and convince yourself that you are awesome and you are going to be even better!
Adjust that attitude, follow your weight loss program and convince yourself that you will succeed!!! Weight loss success and Thinutopia are waiting for you!!!
Blessings to You!
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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

"It's All About You!"

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Your weight loss is "All About You!" Finally, it is great to hear something that is all bout You! Yes my friend, you and God are the Masters Of Your Universe!!! Talk to God first about your weight loss and ask him to give you the strength to "Just Say No" to the excess amount of food that you are consuming! Every time you get the urge to indulge...pray and then ask God to take the urge away! I have done this many times and if you truly believe that God can and will help you...this works!!!
It is all about that doctor you refuse to see to get his/her blessing to start your weight loss program. You have to start somewhere! It is all about that weight loss program that you refuse to start! Yeah, I am talking to you! It is about the water you refuse to drink, the exercise you refuse to do, the Krispy Kreme doughnuts you to refuse to stop eating or decrease the numbers, the mirror you refuse to look into! Sounds familiar? I know all of these things about you because I know all these things about myself. We all need a navigation device to get to Thinutopia!
We have to start somewhere and our somewhere is realizing that weight loss is all about us and what we are willing to do to achieve our weight loss goals!
Now is the the time to face the music, realize that your weight loss is all about you and get in there and lose those "pesky pounds!"
Remember, "It's All about You! Now "Do Something About It!"
Another Divine Appointment Brought to You by Thinutopia! :)
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Monday, January 3, 2011

"Seriously, Why Are You Eating?"

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I really want to know, why are you eating? Are you eating because you are hungry? Then eat because you are hungry! Are you eating because you are sad, blue, depressed, and or stressed? Then realize that this is not the fix for your problems!
Let this be your "Aha" moment! Here is the $50,000 question? Are you eating for the wrong reasons? I dare you! I triple double dare you to think about why you are eating your next morsel of food before you put that morsel in your mouth! You will be amazed! If you are not hungry...Step away from the food!!! :)
I admonish you to eat only when you are hungry and I guarantee you will see less of you!
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See You in Thinutopia!!!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

"Be A Lion!"

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Two of my all time favorite movies in the whole world are "The Wizard of Oz" and "The Wiz." My favorite character is of course, the Scarecrow, but when I think of weight loss I definitely think about the "Cowardly Lion!" Let face it in order to lose the weight that we need to lose, we need courage!
We need courage to pray! Talk to God about what you need to lose those "pesky pounds!" Make this a sincere prayer and ask God for what you need to succeed! Then muster up the courage to talk to your doctor! Have a good healthy talk with your doctor! He's probably been waiting and anticipating this conversation! And if you follow through and lose the will make your life and his job easier!!!
The next important step is to sit down and work on your diet and exercise plan with your doctor's blessings! Yes, we have to sit down and formulate a doable weight loss program! This is not rocket science! It just a matter of putting your derriere in a chair :) and working on your weight loss plan! Then once this plan is formulated, you need to put this courageous plan into action!
Then you have to work on your weight loss program 24/7! Here's one of my favorite favorite Exercise Machine is the Total Gym! I have used it for years and it is awesome! You have to remember that" nothing tastes as good as thin feels!"-Anthony Robbins. You can do this! Muster up that courage and do what you need to do to lose the weight, that you need to lose! Change your modus operandi in the New Year! You cannot continue to do the same things, the same way and expect different results... by the way Einstein called that "Insanity." His exact quote is "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." Stop That Insanity Please! Come on! Work With Me People! Be A Lion!!!
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Saturday, January 1, 2011

"PRAY!" "Because God Answers Prayers!"

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Happy New Year! I know that this is the time for New Year's Resolutions and I know that weight loss is at the top of the New Year's Resolution lists! Yes, we have all experienced and continue to experience the battle of the bulge! But here is a well kept secret! God answers weight loss prayers! I believe that if you have faith as a grain of mustard seed, God will give you the victory! You cannot imagine the victory that God will give you! God even said it in Jeremiah 33:3 "Call unto me, and I will answer thee and show thee, great and mighty things, which thou knowest not." You know when God shows up, He shows out! He will give you victory...take your weight loss issues to God in prayer!
When you pray, ask God for wisdom, perseverance, strength, knowledge, discipline and resilience! Trust me you are going to need them all! The battle to lose weight is not over once you receive these wonderful gifts! You Now Have To Use Your Gifts!!! Do not sit there and let them go to waste! You want get the value of the gifts if you do not use the gifts!!!
So start the New Year off with A Weight Resolution that you will resolve! Ask God for the gifts, utilize the gifts and watch the weight loss become a reality! God answers prayers!!!
Happy New Year's Resolutions!
Happy New Year!
Be Blessed!
All Comments Welcomed!