Friday, May 28, 2010

"You Must Have the Mind, Body, and Soul of A Winner to Win the Weight Loss Battle!"

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   You must have the mind, body, and soul of a winner to win the weight loss battle.  You must pray and then really concentrate.  Visualize, see yourself thinner!  You must figure out a way to get this weight monkey off of your back.  You deserve a break from all of this excessive weight loss drama!  Aren't you tired of being sick and tired of the excess weight?  Work with me people, of course you are!  Aren't you tired of turning down invitations because you have nothing to wear? Or shall we say because you have nothing that fits?  Of course, you are!
    Do yourself a favor get the mind, body, and soul of a winner!  I do not care where you get the mind, body, and soul of a winner, even if you have to beg, borrow or steal, you must make yourself a winner today! Do this for you because you deserve a happier, healthier, sweeter, cuter, (shall I go on?) life!!!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

"By Any (Healthy) Means Necessary...Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures!!!"

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   The times has come to get rid of those pesky pounds!  We have to work together on our journey to Thinutopia  and we must use all the logical healthy  means of losing weight! We must put them into play asap!  This is not a game!  This is our lives!  Sometimes the referee will not allow us to to have an instant replay!  Let's get with the program!  Time is of the essence!   Get up and do something!!!
    Let's face it these are desperate times and desperate times call for desperate measures!  Do whatever it takes to lose that excess weight!  You are the only person who can lose "your" excess weight.  The ball is in your court!  What are you going to do?  Use any means necessary because these are desperate times!!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

"Do You Really Want to Lose the Weight?" "Inquiring Minds Want to Know!"

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      Can we talk?  Do you really want to lose the excess weight?  Are you ready to shed those "pesky pounds?"  Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired of being overweight?"  Are you ready to make changes today?  If you are ready then let's do it!  Let's lose the excess weight!  Let's buy a one-way ticket to Thinutopia!  Here are a few helpful steps to take on your journey!
1.  Pray to God for wisdom, strength, perseverance, love for yourself, self-control, diligence, and peace.
2. Talk to your family physician (That's why you pay him or her the big bucks!)
3. Weigh in on the subject (you need a baseline weight) and you need to keep track
 of your weight at least once every week! Keep a record of your weight losses and gains!
4. Eat less food  (smaller portions).
5.  Drink more water (6-8 8oz glasses of water per day).  Water is great for your body!
6.  Exercise at least 30 minutes per day!  Get up and move that body!
7.  Write down what you eat and drink and keep track of the calories and carbs! You will be shocked and apalled how many calories you consume each and every day.
8.  Visualize  (See Yourself Thin!)
9.  Pray!
P.S. - I am looking forward to seeing you in Thinutopia soon!!!
      Is this information helpful to you?  Please drop me a line to let me know that you are following me and we are in agreement!  All comments are welcomed....

Thursday, May 13, 2010

"To Thinutopia or Else!!!"

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      As you know the road to Thinutopia is plagued with barriers!  One barrier is the temptation that we feel when we are faced with decadent foods.  We have all of those tasty, awesome, decadent treats out there that are calling us by name!  Place ear plugs in your ear and do not listen to the calls!
     We also have that procrastination demonic force that says, "Don't worry you can do this another day, what will waiting one day hurt?"  Waiting one day is not a good thing because days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months and months turn into years!  When will this neverending cycle stop?  Today perhaps....
     How's about the I can't exercise today because now is not a good time barrier?   When will exercising be a good time?  Don't answer that but find the time to exercise!  You always find the time for all the other things that you like to do!  Find the time to exercise!
    We have to make up our minds that we will get to Thinutopia or else!  We have to knock down the
barriers as we are led to a happier/healthier life!


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

"Is Weight Loss A Physical or A Mental Game II"

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     We all know the answer to the question, "Is weight loss a physical or a mental game?"  Of course it is both!  However it is mostly a mental game being played continuously in our minds as we go on with our day to day travels!  We must recognize the power of the mind and its subtle control over what we place in our mouths or how much and how often we exercise. This could be the key to unlock the mystery of the weight loss failures that we all have experienced!
     Get control over your thoughts! You are ready, willing, and able to lose the weight but you are allowing your mind to play tricks on you and you have to be more aware of what is going on in your head!  There is a Saboteur in your head and you are allowing him to wreak havoc in your life!  Make Him stop by gaining control over your thoughts, your life, your future and your destiny!  It is time to shed those "pesky pounds and to create a new happier/healthier life!
     Admit that weight loss is mostly a mental game and then train your brain to control the foods that go into your mouth and then train your brain  to motivate you to  exercise!!!
The  truth shall set you free!!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

"Where The Rubber Meets The Road!"

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     This is truly "where the rubber meets the road!"  This is our day of reckoning!  This is our moment of truth!  Let's cut through to the chase and admit it, "the time has come to lose those tenacious, detesting, depressing,  and do not forget pesky pounds.
      Ask yourself what are you honestly doing to get rid of those unwanted pounds?  Come on guys, I am asking you to ... No!  I am pleading with you to lose that excess weight!  Time is of the essence!  Tomorrow may be too late!  Get it together while you still can!!!
      This is where the rubber meets the road!  What are you going to do about it!


Thursday, May 6, 2010

"The Journey to Thinutopia...I Never Promised You a Rose Garden!"

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       The journey to Thinutopia is sometimes a very difficult road to travel.   There are times when it is very hard to start the diet program that you and I know we should start!  We keep putting off the date that we will start, and weeks, and months elapse before we even truly get started!  Then we fall off the wagon (another story, another time)!  We must change our m.o.s (modus operandi ) today!  I never promised you a rose garden but we do not have to settle for thorns either!
       Let's get our lives together, starting today!  Let's make those decisions that will improve our lives!  It is time to dust off that weight lost program and put it into full force!  Get inside of your head and figure out what is holding you back from succeding in this weight loss battle.  Then stop procrastinating and get rid of the obstacles!!! Come on you can do this!!! Aren't you tired of being sick and tired of the excess weight?  Aren't you tired of being sick and tired of wearing the same "old" tired clothes? Aren't you tired of being sick and tired of looking in the mirror and seeing the same old adipose tissue?   It's Spring for goodness sakes, you can not  hide under a jacket any longer.
      Therefore, make it your Spring Resolution on May 6, 2010 to start your weight loss program and continue your weight loss program and to lose the excess pounds!  I am looking forward to seeing you in the "Rose Garden" in Thinutopia!!!
   P.S.  I really want you to get in that quiet place and talk to God about your weight loss dilemma and get into your own head to figure out what is holding you back from weight loss success!  When you figure it out write me and let me know because I know other people are experiencing the same issues.  We can help each other travel to Thinutopia one step at a time!!!
All Comments Are Welcomed!!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

"Visualize and Feel The Power!!!"

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    Visualize how you will feel when you lose the excess weight!  Feel the Power! Imagine how wonderful it will be when you are able to wear that awesome outfit!  I want you to take a few moments in time to seriously "see yourself thin!"  It is time to visualize!
     How do you visualize?  I suggest that you should stand in front of the mirror and you should take a nice long look and you should be kind to yourself!  Remember,  you are the only you that you have!
Then you should visualize how great you will look when you lose those pesky pounds!  Then put that gorgeous outfit on your new body and imagine  how great you will feel when you own the room and every eye in the room!
You can do this !  Visualize now and feel the power!  There is enough power to transport us to Thinutopia.  I will see you there!!!!
All Comments are Welcomed!