Monday, June 28, 2010

"Don't Worry Be Happy!"

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       During your journey to Thinutopia, you must adjust your attitude!  Trust me, I know from experience that I lose weight quicker and easier when I do not allow my mind, heart and soul to be weighed down with whatever is stressing me in that moment in time! I decided that whatever is on my mind, distracting me from my weight loss is not worth it!  I tell myself when the world gives me lemons I am going to make lemonade, instead of eating the lemon meringue pie  :)   !
       You really have to prioritize and realize that weight loss is more of a mental game than a physical game and you really want to be successful!  To be successful, you must get your mind straight!  Change your modus operandi, instead of stressing and overeating, and overeating and stressing, eat what need
 to be healthy, say, "NO!" to gluttony and do not allow your sad thoughts to cause you to overeat!!!  
   You can do this!  I have total faith in you!!!  "Don't worry be happy!"
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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Coming Soon the Awesome Website, and The Fun, Enlightening E-Book, "Think Thin," "Thinking Your Way to Thinutopia"

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"Will Power!!!"

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   On your journey to Thinutopia, you really need will power and lots of it!!!  Pray that God will give you a well of will power! Drink from this well and pray that He will continue to fill this well!  You must say," No!" to those decadent foods!  You must say, "No!" to those "comfort foods!"  Tell me how much "comfort" are you feeling each and every time you get on the scales and the numbers are going the wrong way?
     Let's work together with our Father in heaven and let's use the "will power" that only He can give!!  We can do this!  I have faith that God will give you will power and everything you need to get to Thinutopia! Trust and believe in God and He will give you what you need to win the weight loss battle!!!
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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

"Love Your Body!!!"

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     During your journey to Thinutopia remember  to love your body!  You must pray, create a doable weight loss program, eat less food, drink more water, exercise at least 30 minutes per day (with your physician's blessings), say "No!"  to decadent foods, cut out the soft drinks and just love your body!  It is the only body that you have!!!
      Are you having problems loving your body?  There are ways to encourage your weight loss and these are things that only you can do!  Want to know some of the positive affirmations that I use?  Talk to me!  Shoot me an e-mail!  All comments are welcomed!!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

"There Is Power In the Name!"

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     Many years ago my husband, my sons, and I were playing ball in a park and we lost our car keys!  My oldest sons looked at me with his beautiful brown eyes and he said, "Mommy my fourth grade teacher said when you are helpless, and there is no way out, you should pray and a call on the name of Jesus Christ, the most powerful name in the universe!  We all started to pray and we called on the name of Jesus!  You know the rest of the story, we found our keys!  In that great big 2-3 acre field we found our keys!!! Can you say "miracle!"  I can say there is power in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior!!!
    Now what does this have to do with  your journey to Thinutopia?  When you are feeling helpless and you feel you can't go on pray to God and call on Jesus Christ to help you!!! I do and I receive my answers!   Call on the most powerful name in the universe and watch Him show up and show out!!!
Be Truly Blessed!
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Friday, June 4, 2010

"Move That Body!!!"

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     Before engaging in any exercise programs I admonish everyone to consult his/her physician.  Your doctor knows what you can and cannot do physcially and they have an investment in keeping you healthy!  So remember the first steps in "moving that body" are to  pray that God will give you wisdom, strength, endurance, and perseverance and the second step is to consult your doctor!!!
     My favorite exercises believe it or not are crunches, bicep curls,  incline flies,  and bench presses.  I also ride my stationary bike for at least a half hour.   Only do exercises that you know you can do!  Start out slow and build up to a level that you know you can handle, tolerate, deal with and survive! :)
In my book, "Think Thin," Thinking Your Way to Thinutopia," I also reveal my favorite exercise machine.  I have the company's permission to use the name in my book.  P.S My e-book will be available soon @  I use this machine for at least one half hour.  When I exercise, I always have my favorite water near and I stay well hydrated.
    I enjoy the time that spend exercising and I see the benefits immediately!  You should  exercise at least 30 minutes per day.  May you be blessed in your endeavors!!!
P.S.  Dial that Doc!!!!
Thank you, Delores!
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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

No Pain! No Gains!

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Remember followers that you must incorporate exercise into your weight loss program.  Yes, exercise is an essential ingredient in any effective recipe for weight loss.  Recently, I reinccorporated exercise into my weight loss program.  Guess what?  I relearned what the quote, "No pain, no gains," meant.  I said to my oldest son after my workout, "My muscles do not hurt at all!"  The next morning I was eating those words! However I felt better and the more exercises I completed the better I felt!  My energy level increased after I exercised and I slept better at night. "No pain, No gain!"
   So I admonish you to incorporate exercise into your weight loss program after you consult with your doctor!  No diet program is complete without an exercise program!  Consult your physician and incoporate your exercises today!
Want to know the exercises that I incorporated?  Just comment and I will answer! :)
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