Sunday, May 8, 2011

"Take No Prisoners!"

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Here's my approach to reaching Thinutopia and I admonish you to adopt the same attitude...Take No Prisoners! Come on, work with me people! I have hinted you that this is not a dress rehearsal! Now I am definitely speaking up and speaking out...This Is Not A Dress Rehearsal! This Is Your Life and You Need to Do Something to Change Your Life For the Better! You must do what you have to do to change your weight and your life...Take No Prisoners!
It is time to lose the excess weight! It is time to do whatever you have to do to lose the weight! You must take charge of your life or you will not get to where you need to go namely...Thinutopia!
I Encourage You to Take No Prisoners and Get to Thinutopia Today!!!
May God Bless You Keep On Your Way to Thinutopia!
Time is of The Essence!
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