Saturday, June 4, 2011

"Got Gym?"

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Let me admonish you...never say never! I recently joined a gym! If you had asked me if I would join a gym a month ago...I would have said, "Never!" for years I have worked out at home and I have totally enjoyed the peace and quiet of my home gym and free weights!!! Guess what? I have joined a gym and I love it!!!

I encourage you to try the gym. I love my gym because it is family oriented and I am not intimidated by people who look like they have spent their lives body building, like Sly Stallone or Jillian Michaels. The people in my gym look like me and you!!! I encourage you to give your neighborhood gym a try. What do you have to lose..."Pesky Pounds Perhaps!!!"

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Sunday, May 8, 2011

"Take No Prisoners!"

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Here's my approach to reaching Thinutopia and I admonish you to adopt the same attitude...Take No Prisoners! Come on, work with me people! I have hinted you that this is not a dress rehearsal! Now I am definitely speaking up and speaking out...This Is Not A Dress Rehearsal! This Is Your Life and You Need to Do Something to Change Your Life For the Better! You must do what you have to do to change your weight and your life...Take No Prisoners!
It is time to lose the excess weight! It is time to do whatever you have to do to lose the weight! You must take charge of your life or you will not get to where you need to go namely...Thinutopia!
I Encourage You to Take No Prisoners and Get to Thinutopia Today!!!
May God Bless You Keep On Your Way to Thinutopia!
Time is of The Essence!
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"Happy Mother's Day!!!" :-) !

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Monday, April 25, 2011

"Don't Let Anyone Steal Your Joy!"

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Your Joy Is...Your Joy! It is only meant for "YOU!" God wants you to be happy! He wants us to experience Joy...Pure Joy! He wants you to savor the gift of life! God is a mighty good God! I am as certain as the day is long that God does not want you to squander your precious gift worrying about people who try to steal your joy! Life is too short to spend your valuable time worrying about people who hurt you! You have bigger and better things to do like losing those pesky pounds and improving our health!
Therefore I admonish you..."Don't Let Anyone Steal Your Joy!" You deserve all the joy that you can get!!!!

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Monday, April 18, 2011

"The Gift of Life!"

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I admonish you to treasure your gift of life! It can be taken away from you in seconds! Many years ago my husband and I were traveling in the mountains near Lake Tahoe, Nevada. We were having a very pleasant "road" trip as we enjoyed one of the most beautiful days of our lives. Then suddenly... out of no where we saw a car speeding in the opposite lane down this very narrow mountainous path. We both watched as the driver lost control of his vehicle, scaled the mountain, and then flipped over as the mountains echoed the sounds of the potentially deadly crash!!! Time stopped!
I am a Registered Nurse so I told my husband that Good Samaritan Laws would protect me! We agreed to stop our car and assist the driver. Great minds think alike because when we looked frantically for the driver, we realized that many Good Samaritans had the same idea! We asked nervously, "Where is the driver?" We waited for the bad news.... Then someone said, "Oh, he's sitting up over there and they are removing little glass fragments from his hair. He's talking and he's alert and the ambulance is on it's way!" We thanked God for the miracle and the gift of life that our "new blessed friend" could continue to enjoy!
I admonish you to realize that but for the grace of God, this story would not have had a "Happy Ending!" But for His grace this man's life would have ended! Do not take your life for granted! Treasure your gift! Do what you need to do to improve the quality of your life, including losing those "pesky pounds" and make your life, your gift, the best life ever!
Life is your gift, praise God for it and do whatever it takes to make it better!!!

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

"Love The One You're With!"

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I admonish you to love the one you're with! Tag, you're it!!! You are truly the only "you" that "you" have! You have to love yourself with your heart, body, mind and soul to win this proverbial weight loss battle. Work with me people! I know you want to live in Thinutopia...a place where everyone feels good about themselves and their weight! But you have to love the one you're with to get to Thinutopia!
Be kind to yourself and show compassion when you fall off the wagon! Trust me I have been there and I have done that!!! Therefore do not get angry with yourself and realize that world is not going to stop because you fell off the wagon! Time keep pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and give yourself a big hug and a kiss...then move on and fight that weight loss battle like you have never fought before!!! Fight for the person that you love...take no prisoners!
Love The One You're With Because You Are All That You Have...Other Than Our Father In Heaven!
Be Truly Blessed!
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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

"Time Waits for No One!!!"

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Do you know that time waits for no one? Each and every second of your life ticks away and there is absolutely no way to get it back! Time waits for no one! You can beg, borrow, and steal...but to no avail...Time waits for no one. Because time waits for no one, I admonish you to treat time like it is truly an extraordinary rare commodity! We all know it truly is an extraordinary rare commodity! Act like it is so!!! This is a divine appointment! It is time to create your doable weight loss program and stick to that program! Life is too short and time is of the essence!
Get that weight loss program in motion because "Time really does not wait for anyone especially you and me!!!!
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