Sunday, February 13, 2011

"Guard Your Heart!"

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On your journey to Thinutopia, guard your heart! Always remember to shield your heart against words that hurt you! It does not take a great deal to make a person sad and depressed and then that person starts reaching for "comfort" foods that really do not comfort anyone! Guard your heart! Protect your heart from the harmful words!
Are you wondering how to do this? Here are a few suggestions! Ignore the harmful words! Just because someone is trying to make you feel don't have to feel bad!!! Guess what? Only you can make you feel bad! Here's another suggestion, talk to the person who is causing your grief. Let me admonish you to talk to them as nicely as possible, do not be confrontational and let them know that their words hurt your feelings. If they do not should not care either. "Forgive them and let it go! Take the proverbial "High Road!" You can do this...I have total faith in you!
So guard your beautiful, awesome, extraordinary, sensitive and precious heart! May God bless you and keep you and your heart :-) !!!

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