Tuesday, February 22, 2011

"Great Expectations!"

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Do you have "great expectations" for your weight loss? Do you have a great desire to be successful? Do you really want to get rid of those "pesky pounds?" Are you determined to win your weight loss battle? Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Well this is truly a divine appointment!
Let's take your weight loss to a new level! Let's get into your head and help you to wrap your mind around the reality of the situation! Your weight is not going away until you make it go away!!! Can you hear me now? Your weight is not going away until you make it go away!!!! We all have to hit that proverbial wall to realize that we have a problem! We have an addiction! We have a food addiction and we need help! Do something about your addiction!!!
Here's advice that I had to give to myself...get on the scale! Record the ugly numbers! Look in the mirror! Do not say anything that will hurt your feelings (you are the only you that you have) but see what is over the top and do something about it! Do not buy any bigger clothes! When will that stop! Lose the weight and wear your smaller clothes!!! Stop allowing your addiction to balloon your weight and make you miserable!!!
Did we mention exercise? Take every opportunity to exercise! Get up and move that body! Dust off your favorite exercise equipment and use it! Run or walk if either or both is your thing! Just get up and move your body...your life may depend on it!
Yes, we all have "great expectations" but the only way to make those "great expectations" become a reality is to get up and do something about our "addiction." Our food addiction recovery begins today!!! God bless you on you Thinutopian Journey!
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