Monday, February 28, 2011

"Walk It Off!!!"

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Good Morning Friends! Here's a free Thinutopian Tip that you already know and u don't need a how-to manual! You have what you need to succeed in this endeavor and all you have to do is to walk it off! Yes, my friends walking is an answer to the age old question...what can I do burn calories! What you can do is walk it off! Come on, work with me people! Can it get any easier? Now it is time for you to get up off of your derriere and go for a nice brisk walk!
I recently started walking each evening and now I am enjoying my 35-45 minute walk so very much that I look forward to my walk every day! It really get the blood flowing and I actually feel more energized when I finish my walk!!! Let's not forget the beautiful weather! Just think you get to pray while you are walking, you get to burn calories and you get to bask in the sunshine. You get a three-for ! How many three-fors do you get in this life? Not many!
So go for it! Walk it off! Get Your Three-For! Carpe Diem! Walk it Off and Seize the Day!!!
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