Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"Smell The Roses!!!"

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I admonish you to take the time to smell the roses! Life is much to short to deny yourself the joy of smelling big, beautiful, glorious, fragrant, you pick the color!, roses!!! It truly does not matter if you did not reach your weight loss goal today!!! Smell the roses! It does not matter that you gained a pound today! Smell the roses!!! It does not matter that you are feeling sad and depressed because you ate that decadent piece of pound cake at Starbucks! Smell the roses!!! Life is too precious to spend time being sad and blue when you could be basking in the glory and surrounded by roses!!!
Yes, I still want you to journey with me to Thinutopia!!! I want you to follow your weight loss program. But do not beat up on yourself when you fall off the wagon! Repeat after me, "Everyone falls off the wagon!!! I want you to enjoy yourself on the way to Thinutopia! I want you to smell the roses and enjoy your life. I want you to feel pure joy before, during and after you reach Thinutopia! Life is too short and we need the joy of roses to make our lives better!!!
Smell the Roses. Make your journey to Thinutopia fun! Life is too short! Time is of the essence...Savor and enjoy the Roses of Life!!!
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