Thursday, January 6, 2011

"Adjust Your Attitude Today!!!"

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I admonish you to change your weight loss attitude! So you think you can't lose those "pesky pounds?" Guess what you can't lose those unwanted pounds! So you anticipate that diet is a waste of time? Guess what your diet is a waste of time! Do you think Thinutopia, a place where a person can feel good about themselves and their weight, does not exist? I beg to differ! Of course Thinutopia exists! It is my duty to help you get there!!!
Let's start with the attitude adjustment! Pray to God and then tell yourself, "I will lose the weight I need to lose and I will look the way that I want to look! Speak positive affirmations to yourself all day! Say, "I am thinner!," "I a fabulous!" and "I look marvelous!" Talk to yourself and convince yourself that you are awesome and you are going to be even better!
Adjust that attitude, follow your weight loss program and convince yourself that you will succeed!!! Weight loss success and Thinutopia are waiting for you!!!
Blessings to You!
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