Tuesday, January 11, 2011

"Pay It Forward!"

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Always remember to pay it forward! It is truly a blessing to be able to do something really nice for someone else! Share weight loss information with a friend! Recommend this blog...Please! During your journey to Thinutopia, pay it forward...do something nice for a friend with weight loss issues! We all have friends who are in the same weight loss boat that we are in and we are all drowning. Guess what?....if we all helped each other, we wouldn't be drowning! Throw your friend a life raft!!! Put a life jacket on yourself and your friend! That friend may be the one who will assist when you are drowning and you think you can't make it on the journey to Thinutopia!
You will love having a friend to share your weight loss adventures with. One hand does wash the other and your friend will share valauable tips with you! This is a win-win situation!!!
So "Pay It Forward,My Friend!" Share the weight loss adventure with a friend! It is a "win-win" situation!!!
Be Very Blessed In Your Weight Loss Endeavors!
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