Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"Listen 2 Your Body!"

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Listen to your body! Listen to your heart sounds! Hear what your body is saying! Realize that when your body talks to have to respond! It is truly up to you to make the changes that would improve your health and the quality of your life! It is up to you to do all that is necessary to make the changes that you need to make. Only you can lose the weight! Only you can stop eating those decadent foods! Only you can exercise for you!
What's blocking your ears from hearing your body talking to you? What is blocking your ears and heart from hearing your body cry out for help! It is time to listen to your body and listen to your heart! I appeal to you to listen and learn! You really want the best for you...So start giving yourself the best of you! Listen to your body and do whatever is necessary to improve your body, health and life!!!
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