Monday, February 7, 2011

"Love Yourself!"

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On your weight loss journey to Thinutopia, I admonish you to "to love yourself!" Please let me remind you that "you" are the only "you" that you have! Love yourself today! Go over to your favorite mirror and give yourself a big loving hug! When was the last time that you did that? Doesn't that hug from you feel really awesome? You deserve it and so much more! A Thinutopian order... "several hugs to self prn throughout the day!" This will help to cure some of those self-created illnesses! This will also help you to motivate yourself in a kind, gentle, loving way! You know what you need!
Stop looking for others to motivate you to lose the weight! You are your Number 1 Cheerleader! Work with me people! Love yourself! Be your #1 Cheerleader each and every day of your life! Get to where you need to go on your own steam! You are the only one who can create your weight loss program, follow your weight loss program, stick to your weight loss program and lose those "pesky pounds!" Do this today! Time is of the Essence!
Love yourself enough to let the "pesky pounds" go!
May God Bless You In All of Your Weight Loss Endeavors!!!
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