Wednesday, December 8, 2010

"Visualize This II!"

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It is time to visualize your fabulous self after you lose those "pesky pounds!" It is time for you to walk over to your mirror, close your eyes and see a thinner you! It is time to see touch and feel the new healthier you! You have to realize that in order for change to occur you must make the necessary changes! You are the only one who can lose those pounds! You can do this and more! I have total faith in you!
Now let us get back to our wonderful awesome delightful visualization. Let's imagine what type of dress you will wear. My favorite is still the Giorgio Armani "little black dress!" Let's face it, just the thought of wearing this awesome dress makes me smile! Please pick and choose your favorite dress & designer as long as wearing that dress "makes you smile!" Of course, what's a cute little dress without cute little shoes and now I think it is time to see your awesome self walking in Manolo Blahnik (or your favorite designer shoes) shoes! Once again you may fill in the blank with any designer that you choose...Just fill in the blank for goodness sake! Work with me people!
And last but not least you have to have the right purse! Let's face it no one does purses like Louis Vuitton! There are some other great purses out there but Louis V is my fav!!!
The key is to visualize and when you visualize use your favorites! It has to be crystal clear!!!
I did not forget the gentlemen! Guys ...visualizations are free! Indulge yourself! Put that new thinner body in your favorite outfit and walk around in it! See feel and touch how awesome you look!
Everyone enjoy the way you look and how you feel in your new body and in your new outfits! Enjoy your traffic stopping look and if you see it in your can be it in your time!!!
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