Sunday, December 19, 2010

"Does The Christmas Holiday Season = A Dieting Timeout?"

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Does the Christmas season equal a dieting timeout? Of course the answer depends on the person who is dieting! This not a copout! I personally believe that it is very difficult to stick to a strict diet during the Christmas Holiday Season and therefore you should decrease portions appropriately and for goodness sake cut yourself some slack!
Remember to drink water before meals to fake you out, because water makes you feel fuller and hopefully you will eat less! Also try the walnut/pecans trick! Eat a handful of them and they will also make you think you that you are not as hungry. Now please understand that I am not saying to overindulge! Instead I am saying to use good jugement and eat in moderation! You can do this I have faith in you!
Enjoy your Holiday Season Meals & Snacks in Moderation! Don't take a "Timeout!" This is not "Football" or "Rocket Science!"
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Merry Christmas!

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