Friday, December 31, 2010

"Auld Lang Syne!"

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Believe it or not the term, "auld lang syne" means "times gone by." Today is a good time to look back for a brief moment and reflect on the the times that you have dieted in the past. It is time to realize that whatever you have done in the past to lose weight and it did not now must let those failed methods go! You have to evaluate and keep what works for you! You must discard the failed weight loss methods today before the New Year!
Do not look back too long, because if you look back too long, you may get caught up in your past failures and this may cause you to be paralyzed and this may prevent you from moving forward to lose weight! Evaluate by looking back to see the successful components of your weight loss history and then incorporate these elements in your weight loss program. You can look back at your failures to make sure you do not make those errors again!
So I admonish you for"auld lang syne" for "times gone by" or for "old times sake" to totally evaluate your past weight loss programs and see what has worked for you in the past and utilize this information to create a new and improved weight loss program for the New Awesome Year!!!!
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"Happy New Year!"

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