Monday, December 20, 2010

"Put Your Big Girl/Boy Pants On!!!"

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It is time to stop whining and it is time to put your big girl/boy pants on! You know as well as I do that you are the reason that you are carrying that excess weight! You are the reason that you those "pesky pounds" are pestering you! You are the reason that you cannot wear your favorite outfit! The buck stops with you! The ball is in your court...what the heck are you going to do? Work with me people!!!
Here is a hint. You are going to do what I had to do! Face reality! Face the fact that you have a weight issue...a big weight issue! Are you eating because you are hungry...I doubt it! You are eating to take your mind off of your real problems..whatever they are...I doubt it! Face the facts! You need to take control of the situation!
Here another hint! Jump on the scale and see the pounds for yourself! This is guaranteed to wake you up! So weigh in and start writing down what you consume will be shocked and amazed!!!
Here are three more hints on how to put your big girl/boy pants on to achieve your weight loss goals,devise a weight loss program, stick to the weight loss program and visualize your weight loss! See yourself thin!!!
Now go into your own private room and put your big girl/big boy pants on! You can do are the only one who can do this!!! Be prepared for awesome changes in your weight!!!
May God bless you in your endeavors!!!
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