Tuesday, December 7, 2010

"Is Weight Loss A Mental or Physical Game II?"

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I truly believe with all of my heart & soul that weight loss is truly predominantly a mental game, with obvious physical components. But let's face it we are dealing with our minds, our heads and so often weight loss is a "head game."
It is truly time to focus, wrap your mind around this! You are not going to lose a pound until you realize that you have to mentally prepare yourself for the weight loss! You have to will yourself not to overindulge! You have to tell yourself that you are not going to place all of that potato pie in your mouth! You are going to mentally prepare yourself for the overwhelming amount of food in your home or your families' homes. You are not on a "Seafood Diet!"...Every time you see food you have to eat it. No you are not on that type of diet...No one is.
So please recognize the power of the mind in the weight loss battle royale! Get your mind in order and do what it takes to lose the weight! If you can't control ur mind..who can! I admonish you to do what you need to do control what you eat!
Realize that weight loss is predominantly a mental game and then do what you have to do to get the mental work done and shed those extra "pesky pounds!"
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