Sunday, June 27, 2010

"Will Power!!!"

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   On your journey to Thinutopia, you really need will power and lots of it!!!  Pray that God will give you a well of will power! Drink from this well and pray that He will continue to fill this well!  You must say," No!" to those decadent foods!  You must say, "No!" to those "comfort foods!"  Tell me how much "comfort" are you feeling each and every time you get on the scales and the numbers are going the wrong way?
     Let's work together with our Father in heaven and let's use the "will power" that only He can give!!  We can do this!  I have faith that God will give you will power and everything you need to get to Thinutopia! Trust and believe in God and He will give you what you need to win the weight loss battle!!!
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