Monday, June 28, 2010

"Don't Worry Be Happy!"

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       During your journey to Thinutopia, you must adjust your attitude!  Trust me, I know from experience that I lose weight quicker and easier when I do not allow my mind, heart and soul to be weighed down with whatever is stressing me in that moment in time! I decided that whatever is on my mind, distracting me from my weight loss is not worth it!  I tell myself when the world gives me lemons I am going to make lemonade, instead of eating the lemon meringue pie  :)   !
       You really have to prioritize and realize that weight loss is more of a mental game than a physical game and you really want to be successful!  To be successful, you must get your mind straight!  Change your modus operandi, instead of stressing and overeating, and overeating and stressing, eat what need
 to be healthy, say, "NO!" to gluttony and do not allow your sad thoughts to cause you to overeat!!!  
   You can do this!  I have total faith in you!!!  "Don't worry be happy!"
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