Friday, June 4, 2010

"Move That Body!!!"

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     Before engaging in any exercise programs I admonish everyone to consult his/her physician.  Your doctor knows what you can and cannot do physcially and they have an investment in keeping you healthy!  So remember the first steps in "moving that body" are to  pray that God will give you wisdom, strength, endurance, and perseverance and the second step is to consult your doctor!!!
     My favorite exercises believe it or not are crunches, bicep curls,  incline flies,  and bench presses.  I also ride my stationary bike for at least a half hour.   Only do exercises that you know you can do!  Start out slow and build up to a level that you know you can handle, tolerate, deal with and survive! :)
In my book, "Think Thin," Thinking Your Way to Thinutopia," I also reveal my favorite exercise machine.  I have the company's permission to use the name in my book.  P.S My e-book will be available soon @  I use this machine for at least one half hour.  When I exercise, I always have my favorite water near and I stay well hydrated.
    I enjoy the time that spend exercising and I see the benefits immediately!  You should  exercise at least 30 minutes per day.  May you be blessed in your endeavors!!!
P.S.  Dial that Doc!!!!
Thank you, Delores!
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