Tuesday, May 4, 2010

"Visualize and Feel The Power!!!"

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    Visualize how you will feel when you lose the excess weight!  Feel the Power! Imagine how wonderful it will be when you are able to wear that awesome outfit!  I want you to take a few moments in time to seriously "see yourself thin!"  It is time to visualize!
     How do you visualize?  I suggest that you should stand in front of the mirror and you should take a nice long look and you should be kind to yourself!  Remember,  you are the only you that you have!
Then you should visualize how great you will look when you lose those pesky pounds!  Then put that gorgeous outfit on your new body and imagine  how great you will feel when you own the room and every eye in the room!
You can do this !  Visualize now and feel the power!  There is enough power to transport us to Thinutopia.  I will see you there!!!!
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