Thursday, May 6, 2010

"The Journey to Thinutopia...I Never Promised You a Rose Garden!"

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       The journey to Thinutopia is sometimes a very difficult road to travel.   There are times when it is very hard to start the diet program that you and I know we should start!  We keep putting off the date that we will start, and weeks, and months elapse before we even truly get started!  Then we fall off the wagon (another story, another time)!  We must change our m.o.s (modus operandi ) today!  I never promised you a rose garden but we do not have to settle for thorns either!
       Let's get our lives together, starting today!  Let's make those decisions that will improve our lives!  It is time to dust off that weight lost program and put it into full force!  Get inside of your head and figure out what is holding you back from succeding in this weight loss battle.  Then stop procrastinating and get rid of the obstacles!!! Come on you can do this!!! Aren't you tired of being sick and tired of the excess weight?  Aren't you tired of being sick and tired of wearing the same "old" tired clothes? Aren't you tired of being sick and tired of looking in the mirror and seeing the same old adipose tissue?   It's Spring for goodness sakes, you can not  hide under a jacket any longer.
      Therefore, make it your Spring Resolution on May 6, 2010 to start your weight loss program and continue your weight loss program and to lose the excess pounds!  I am looking forward to seeing you in the "Rose Garden" in Thinutopia!!!
   P.S.  I really want you to get in that quiet place and talk to God about your weight loss dilemma and get into your own head to figure out what is holding you back from weight loss success!  When you figure it out write me and let me know because I know other people are experiencing the same issues.  We can help each other travel to Thinutopia one step at a time!!!
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