Monday, March 22, 2010

"What Are You Eating and What Is Eating You II?

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Are you willing to answer these two very different, yet very provocative questions?  What are you eating and what is eating you?  Are you still eating those comfort foods that are really not giving you any comfort at all? Are you trying to "feel" better by indulging yourself in decadent foods that will eventually show up on your derriere or other places you would rather not see the extra weight? I admonish you to take a close look at what you are eating!  Are you on a see food diet?  Do you see food and then eat it?  This does not work for anyone and we know it is futile to try to diet and still indulge in our old past bad habits!
   Today is a divine appointment and it is time to realize that you can not have all of your cake and eat it too! It is time to watch what you are eating and how much  you are eating.  Write down what you are eating and how much.  I guarantee you will be shocked and apalled!  You are the only one who can control what goes in your mouth!
     Now it is time to answer the seond question...What is eating you?  Are you saddened because you have not been able to lose the weight that you planned to lose years ago?  You are truly not alone! Let the person who is without any diet failures throw the first stone! It is time to stop eating yourself up because of your past failures.  Do not allow the past or people to  keep you from conquering your weight loss battles! Trust me in Thinutopia, you can win the battle and the weight loss war!!!

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