Wednesday, February 3, 2010

"Wrap Your Mind Around This!"

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     Wrap your mind around these facts!  This a divine appointment and a wake up call!!! Your are the "Master of Your Universe!"   You are the controller of your destiny!  You are in charge of your life!  You are the CEO of your Life Corporation!  You must take control of your universe, destiny, life, and life corporation!   It is time to lose that excess weight!  You know that you and only you can lose that weight!  You continually talk about losing those pesky pounds!  Now is the time!  Just do it!  Life is too short!  You deserve to live the good life!  You need to improve the quantity and quality of your life.
    Wrap your mind around this...each day you hesitate and or procrastinate it is one more day to endure living your life at a lower standard.  You deserve to live at a higher standard! Wrap your mind around your need and desire to lose weight and make the necessary changes today!!!

1 comment:

  1. Well said! The reality is no matter what happened yesterday, I still control what happens next. Good luck! Stuart