Tuesday, February 16, 2010

"Take Time to Smell The Roses!"

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        I admonish you to take time to smell the roses!  When I see a beautiful bouquet of roses or any other flowers, I take time to smell them and enjoy the fragrance and the wonderful way the smell of the beautiful flowers make me feel. I enjoy life and I want everyone to realize that we can be in too much of a hurry in our day to day living and we can miss what is important!  Life is important!  Waking up every morning is important!  Seeing your loved ones is important!  Walking, talking, singing, shouting, tasting, touching, and
hearing are all important!  Let's not forget tweeting and blogging! :)
     Please take time to enjoy your life!  It is your life and if you are not living your life to its fullest, whose fault is it?  Lose the excess weight!  Stop procrastinating!  Enjoy your life!  Do I have to remind you that it is the only earthly life that you have! It is time for a change in "venue!"  Live in Thinutopia where everyone feels good about themselves and their weight!   Thinutopians take time to smell the roses !

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