Thursday, April 1, 2010

"It Is Time to Love You!"

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     It is time to love you!  We spend so much time loving others and we take so little time for ourselves. It is time to love you because you deserve it!   It is time to to lose the excess weight.  It is time to create a diet plan that you will stick to. Do not set yourself up to fail!  It is Spring for goodness sake and you can't cover it up any longer!  Isn't it about time for you to get into those cute spring/summer clothes?
   Let's put fashion aside for a moment (just for a moment).  Let's talk about health.  Let's talk about a few of the ugly diseases that walk with obesity namely, heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, arthritis and cancer!  Do we really want to have these words in our vocabulary on a daily basis?  Do we want them to walk into your lives and wreak havoc? The answer is"no!"  We do not have a guarantee that if we lose the excess weight that we will not face these diseases but if we keep our bodies healthier we can fight diseases better.  When we are healthier and happier our bodies are more at ease.  Conversely, when we are not healthier and happier our bodies are not at ease!
    So please take this "divine appointment" as it is meant, it is an invitation for you to love yourself, the way you deserve to be loved and pull out all the stops, lose the weight!  Have the healthier/happier that you so rightly deserve! This is your time!

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