Sunday, April 11, 2010

"Will Power!!!"

     Do you have any will power when it comes to resisting decadent foods?  If you do not then it is time to start developing will power!  I pray often to God to give me the will power that I need to win the weight loss battle.  I often have to determine what is more important than the taste of those wonderful decadent luscious foods!  My answer is it is more important to be healthier/happier and to feel and to look better.  Besides, the taste of those foods will only last a few minutes.  The weight loss benefits can lasts a lifetime.
     So I am asking the question, "Do you have any will power?"  Please think about this and write and tell me how  you motivate yourself to resist  those decadent foods? Where do you get your will power?  Remember the answer you give may help others to motivate themselves to step away from the decadent foods! We can and will learn from each other!

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