Thursday, January 14, 2010

"What's Eating You?"

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What is eating you?  There have been so many times on my journey to Thinutopia, I have asked myself the poignant question " What is eating you?"  I receive a menagerie of answers  but in asking the question I get to the root of what is eating me and preventing me from being successful in my weight loss quest. 
    Let me enlighten you, It is not what you are eating!  it is what's eating you!"  You must get to the root of what is casusing you to overeat!  You know that it is not healthy to keep piling on the pounds.  So it tastes  so good.!  Guess what taste is temporary!  Thinutopia can be forever!
    Talk to God.  Pray!  Talk to yourself!  Only you have the answers!  You can figure this out but you have to try to figure this out.  Do not procrastinate!  Time is of the sessence!  Tomorrow is not promised. Figure out what is eating you and win ths weight loss battle once and for all!

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