Saturday, January 2, 2010

"Well, Are You Going to Keep Your New Year's Resolution to Lose Weight or Not?"

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       Are you going to keep your New Year's Resolution to lose weight or not? Do yourself a favor, go look in the mirror, take a very long look and make up your mind to keep your New Year's Weight Loss Resolution.  Aren't you tired of being sick and tired of carrying that extra weight?  Aren't you tired of saying I wish I could wear that smaller outfit?  Aren't you tired of  feeling tired?  I know you want to be more active with your friends, children, and or grandchildren?
     Do not ignore this message!  This is a divine appointment.  Make up your mind to keep your weight loss resolution! Make up your mind to have a happier and healthier life!  Make up your mind to to improve the quality and quantity of your life! Got weight loss resolutions?  Then keep your resolutions!
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