Saturday, December 26, 2009

"Is Weight Loss a Mental or Physical Game?"

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       Is weight loss a mental game or a physical game?  I suggest to you that weight loss is predominantly a mental game! Let's really think about this! I truly believe that weight loss entails a great deal of prayers, thought, organization, structure and evaluation.
       My new book, "Think Thin!" Thinking Your Way to Thinutopia!," emphasizes the need to thoroughly think your way to Thinutopia (a place where people feels good about their weight).  I find my self strategizing, planning how to lose weight and following through on those plans!  You have to work out a weight loss plan and you must stick to the plan.  What good is a plan if you do not use it?
      Therefore, I know that healthy weight loss is mostly a mental game even though exercise is an integral part of any weight loss plan!   I suggest that we all must play this game to the best of our abilities to reach our weight loss goals! Do you think weight loss is predominantly a physical game?  Please convince me!
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