Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year's Eve! Resolve to Lose the Excess Weight!

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     Happy New Year's  Eve!  It is time to resolve to lose that excess weight! Yes, it is time to plan how you will lose those unwanted pounds of flesh!  God is so awesome and He wants us to be successful in our NewYear's Resolutions which includes our weight loss plans.  God will equip us with all that we need to be victorious in our weight loss battles!  I suggest that when you make your resolutions that you pray over all of them and then proceed to win each and every battle that God and you have outlined!  You can be victorious in all of your weight loss battles!  You can keep your New Year's Resolutions!  It is a brand new day and a brand NewYear!  Walk into the New Year with a brand new spirit, a spirit of success and accomplishment! Resolve to lose the excess weight and keep this resolution!  See you in Thinutopia!
All comments are welcomed!  Got resolutions?

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