Wednesday, October 7, 2009

"Love the One You Are With!"

     You must love yourself (the one you are with) each and every day of your life!  You must love yourself enough to change your life and to improve the quality of your life!  You are the only person who can make positive changes in your life!   You have to take care of yourself!  You know what you need!  You are your best friend and you need all the friends you can get when you are in the weight loss battle of your life!  Fight this battle for you and all the Thinutopian Residents.  Time is of the essence.  Don't delay, do this today!  Do you know that tomorrow is not promise!  Do you know that your health is your wealth.  Have you ever stared illness in the face? It is not pretty!  Being overweigh makes many diseases worse.   Aren't you tired of being sick and tired?  Improve your health by loving the one you are with and losing those excess pounds before it is too late, for tomorrow is not promised!

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