Saturday, November 21, 2009

'Life Is A Precious Gift from God!"

      Life is a gift from God!  Therefore it is important to savor and  enjoy every day of your life!  If your excess weight is causing you unhappiness, it is time to make changes to improve your life!  You must take control of your weight or your weight will take control you! Take control of your weight today and do what you have to do!  Weigh in on the subject.  When was last time that you weighed yourself?  You can not get to where you are going without knowing where you are or where you have been. Weigh yourself today!  Next work out a weight loss program with your doctor's blessings.  Make sure you can  do what you think you can do.  Do not set yourself up for failure!
     Think seriously about your weight loss program and keep your guard up!  It is so easy to fall off the wagon! But you can do whatever is necessary to lose and maintain a healthy weight!  Remember your life is a gift from God and every moment is precious!  Do you want to be happier and healthier while experiencing your precious gift or do you want to be unhappy or unhealthy?  You make the choice!

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