Monday, November 16, 2009

"Its Not What You Are Eating!" "Its What's Eating You II!"

     Your excess unhealthy weight may not be totally caused by what you are consuming!  Yes, we are all very guilty of consuming our most favorite decadent foods and I may add we enjoy those foods!  However, I know for a fact that my unhappy feelings play a major role in my excess weight gain.  I know that when something is eating me (making me feel sad) I tend to be less observant of what I am eating  and how much I am eating.  I eat more "comfort" foods to make me feel better.  They only make me feel better for a temporary period of time and then I am in search of more "comfort " foods,  and I consume them, gain more weight, and the cycle continues!
     We must stop this never ending cycle.  It is time to make positive changes and get to the root of what's causing us to overeat?  Ask and answer the question, "What In This World Is Eating Me?"  Find the answer to this proverbial question and you may find the answer to your weight loss dilemma!
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