Saturday, July 17, 2010

Seriously, Why Are You Eating?

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Talk to me! Tell me no lies! Why are you eating? Are you eating because you are starving? Are you eating because you are so hungry, that you can't see straight? Then by all means eat your food and enjoy!!! However if you are eating because you are sad, stressed, depressed, angry, lonely and or out of control you are sadly mistaken. Food is not the answer!!!
I admonish you to think about the reasons you are eating before you put that next morsel of food in your mouth and I guarantee you will receive a revelation!!! Here's "An Awesome ThinuTip"--
ONLY EAT WHEN YOU ARE HUNGRY!!! Trust me you will be glad that you did! Here's to seeing less of you!!!
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Join me in Thinutopia!
The Thinutopian

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